All activities at the Pirate Castle are great for schools and youth clubs, there are some activities however that are specifically designed towards school and college groups.

Team Development Workshops

Team Development refers to a wide range of activities and processes for improving team interaction and performance. Our development sessions can range from simple bonding and problem solving exercises to multi-day team building retreats. The sessions are also a valuable bolt on for any of our other activities.

Team development is an important factor in any environment. Its focus is to bringing out the best in a team to ensure self development, positive communication, leadership skills and the ability to work closely together as a problem solving team.


Our GCSE course provides a facility for schools to engage students in outdoor activities as part of the PE national curriculum. Due to the nature of the GCSE syllabus the course will focus on all areas of skill development through a Kayaking and Canoeing pathway. The course is generally sold as a 10 week program with a 2 week assessment and review period; however we can accommodate schools who can’t fit into this time frame.