Kayaking for Schools & Support Groups

The Pirate Castle has a long and successful history of working with mainstream and specialist schools, PRUs and voluntary support services to deliver adventurous water-based activities that help participants of all abilities develop new skills and interests, get active and have fun - all in a community sport environment that's safe, stimulating and rewarding.

Away from the classroom, our paddlesport sessions on the picturesque Regent's Canal open up the magic of experimental education – learning by doing and developing confidence to respond to new and changing situations. Along with improved emotional and physical wellbeing, the potential to develop new skills and gain recognised accreditations encourages wider personal and educational ambition and helps enrich participants' lives in many ways.

Maximum group size = 32 participants (minimum age = 8 years)

Please note that our instructors work at supervision ratios of 1:8 for all school and support group sessions.

As part of our commitment to local schools and the support groups who help make a real difference to people's lives, we are delighted to offer subsidised rates for sessions booked by local state schools, charities and voluntary support groups!

Eligible schools and local voluntary groups are charged only £40 per hour/per instructor, with larger groups/longer sessions charged as multiples thereof.

Public (fee-paying) schools and charities/voluntary groups with annual incomes over £250,000 are charged at £60 per hour, per instructor.

In addition to being fun and energetic, we ensure that our paddlesport sessions complement Key Stage learning in the four main areas of development:

  • Acquisition of new skills
  • Selection and application of skills and tactics
  • Evaluation and improved performance
  • Knowledge and understanding of fitness principles

Within each of these areas a range of soft skills are positively encouraged including, effective communication, motivation of team members and respect of peers.

The activities



Bell Boating

Canal Boating


Residential Holiday Packages

All of our sessions are run by fully qualified, British Canoeing/UKCC-accredited coaches and are tailored to suit the needs of your group. Activities can range from a quick taster session to full curriculum based programmes which run over a full term or throughout the year
photo of a group kayaking at The Pirate CastleTo keep track of individual progression we offer an evaluation service which can be added onto any activity sessions at the time of booking. This will include an individual skills record, evaluation report of the group as a whole and the issuing of any certification.

We may also ask the students to fill in a quick evaluation of our service so that we can maintain good standards.