Historic photos of the pirate club part 1

pirates12 boats, 10 canoes, 100 members or so, at the Pirate Club on Rosedale at Gilbeys WharfpiratesWay before elven safety was invented, you didn't have to have a lifejacket as long as you could swim ok in your clothes, or something like thatpiratesVoluntary work on the canal means you also get out of it what other people put inpiratesBefore the towpath had road access to Oval RoadpiratesBefore the flats were built opposite uspiratesA Skipper aboard Pirate QueenpiratespiratespiratespiratespiratespiratespiratespiratespiratespiratespiratespiratespiratespiratespiratespiratespiratespiratesThe Lord Mayor let us lock him in our dungeon and his ransom helped pay for the Pirate CastlepiratesAs Charles will be our king one day, they didn't let us ransom him, even just for funpiratespiratespirates